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I will join in Dr. EUmich_Logovgueni’s group at Umich from 2017 fall!



I am now working in Prof. Hongzhi Zhong‘s Lab (Tsinghua University) for my undergraduate dissertation: Advancement of Basis Selection for logo_tsinghuaAcceleration and Enrichment in Offline Steps of Reduced Basis Method


Zhongyuan Wo is an undergraduate from the Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University. With great GPA and high ranking (3/103), he is expected to receive Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Tsinghua at 2017.logo_gatech

From 2016/07 to 2016/08, he assisted in Dr. Yang Wang’s Lab at Georgia Tech as an undergraduate student researcher, mainly focus on the identification of modal parameters. The Eigensystem Realization Algorithm (ERA) and Natural Excitation Technique (NeXT) was employed to extract modal parameters, based on simulated and experimental response data. A working paper [PDF] of this project was completed.

Zhongyuan’s research experience spans Modal Parameters Identification, Force-Measuring Device Design, Constitutive Model of Concrete and Subsidy Model for Taxi Drivers. One paper [PDF] from these projects has been published on the 25th China National Academic Conference of Structural Engineering (in Chinese). Detailed description of his research experience can be found on this page.

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E-mail: wozhy@outlook.com (instantly checked)

Tel: +86 18301288250

Office Address: Room 303, He Shanheng Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China