Stochastic Damage Model of Stress-Strain Relationship for Concrete


This research use stochastic damage model as an approximate approach to simulate the stress-strain relationship of concrete.


Abstract: In the research and application of structural engineering, the discreteness in strength and anisotropy in constitutive relation of concrete is unavoidable. In this paper, we discussed a method based on renormalizing and using percolation model as its constitutive model to further discuss its reaction under tensile stress. And by generating random slight damage and introducing the Griffith crack theory, we finally solved the whole complete strain-stress curve, which matches the experiment solution well.

Key words: concrete; constitutive model; stochastic mathematics; Griffith strain energy; uniaxial tension


Wo ZY, Feng KR, Qin JN, Feng P. Stochastic Damage Model of Concrete Structure under Axial Tension. (in Chinese with English abstract)

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