A Force Measuring Device Design


This project is funded by Tsinghua Scientific Research Training (SRT) program and advised by Prof. Xinzheng Lu. This project also constitute as a sub-part of the Research “Study of Dynamic Effects in Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate Structures Based on Energy Principles”. which is founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project Number: 51578018).


Abstract: A new force measuring device is proposed in this study to measure the reaction force at the bottom of a column in the structural test. Based on the measuring requirement of the column bottom reaction forces, the profile of the force measuring device is firstly determined. Then, two different load-applying devices and force measuring schemes (circular column base and squire column base) are proposed. The calculation formula for the moment and axial force at the bottom of the column are also derived based on the strain distribution. A series of tests are conducted to validate the proposed force measuring method. The strain distribution at the bottom of the column for different loading situation is measured. The column reaction forces are calculated according to the proposed calculation formula and compared with the actual value. The results show that the proposed force measuring device is able to accurately measure the reaction forces at the bottom of a column and the squire column base scheme provides a more satisfied result.

Key words: structural test; column bottom reaction force; new force measuring device


Wo ZY, Qin JN, Lin KQ, Lu XZ. Development of a New Measuring Device of Column Bottom Reaction Forces. 25th China Academic Conference of Structural Engineering, 2016, Volume 1 [PDF]


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