M-N Correlation Curve of Reinforced Concrete Column


It’s an independent research project with the guidance by Prof. Peng Feng. By developing a GUI software which can be used to generate the M-N correlation curve of reinforced concrete columns, some dramatic phenomenons have been explored and concluded.


AbstractGiven two concrete columns: one bears axial load N, another bears subject to moment M. This paper is mainly focus on whether the combination of both column could bear the combined loads: M-N? The author analyzed this question via graphic method, using the M-N correlation curve, proving the zero possibility of large eccentricity destruction. To illustrate the existence of small eccentricity destruction, an example of combination was built in the next part. All of the research is based on a program edited by the author.

Key words: concrete members with flexure and axial loads combined section eccentricity destruction


Wo ZY, Feng P. Destruction Form of Laminated Reinforced Concrete Columns (in Chinese with English abstract) [PDF]

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