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Research Projects

Zhonguan’s research experience spans these areas

  1. Modal Parameters Identification
  2. A New Force-Measuring Device Design
  3. MN-Curve of Concrete Column
  4. Stochastic Damage Model of Concrete
  5. Subsidy Model for Taxi Drivers

Modal Parameters Identification Slides

This project was advised by Dr. Yang Wang in Georgia Tech. You can download the working paper here [PDF]

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A New Force-Measuring Device Design Slides

This project was advised by Prof. Xinzheng Lu. The paper [PDF] (in Chinese wirh English Abstract) was published on the 25th China National Academic Conference of Structural Engineering.

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MN-Curve of Concrete Column

This is a software for the calculation of MN-Curve of concrete column, advised by Prof. Peng Feng.

  • Language: C++
  • Development Platform: Qt 5.5 (qwt 6.1.2 embedded)
  • Compiler: MinGW 4.9.2 32bit
  • Runtime Environment: Win10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP